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3.11: The Sandlot PLUS Reactions to Gun Violence

June 22, 2016

Celebrating one more completed season of the podcast. Unfortunately, it is in the midst of numerous tragedies going on in our country. I don't want to end the season on a somber note, but I can't ignore the hate that continues to claim the lives of innocent Americans. I do my best to find a silver lining, but doing so during such a sad time is never easy. 

This episode's movie review is on The Sandlot, the coming of age cult classic that you probably still remember if you were raised in the 90s. There is so much to say about the film. And since it was so incredibly popular among children during the 90s, the messages the film imparts are especially influential. 

Unfortunately, the messages are a lot of the same things we're used to hearing. That women are objects to be ogled at, and boys must prove their masculinity to each other constantly in order to fit in. 


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- Movie dialogue and sound clips from The Sandlot courtesy of 20th Century Fox