Romeo And…

3.10: Pleasantville PLUS The Depp-Heard Controversy

June 6, 2016
Critical discussion of the film Pleasantville by Gary Ross. On the surface it's about two teens who get trapped in a black and white television world. Below the surface we see a pointed commentary of society, discrimination, and reluctance to change. And it is this mentality that informs many of the ways people develop opinions on topics like gender and masculinity. 

I discuss Tobey Maguire's character David and how he goes through the all-too-familiar transition from geeky loser to self-confident man. We often see this transformation in film, but both the definition of "loser" as well as the solution to being a "loser" is problematic when you consider how this translates to real-life men. Additionally, I discuss other portrayals of masculinity and how the conservative mindset works to hold not just men, but all of society back. 

At the top of the show I talk about the recent news surrounding the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce case. People have been arguing about Heard's accusations of domestic violence against Depp and it's brought some ugly rhetoric to the surface. Should we really be spending this much time digging into the personal lives of people we don't know just because they're famous?

Note: The next episode of the show will be the Season 3 Finale of Romeo And... Excited to close yet another chapter of the show, and looking forward to what is yet to come! 


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- Movie dialogue and sound clips from Pleasantville courtesy of New Line Cinema