Romeo And…

3.09: Chasing Amy PLUS How Much is Too PC?

May 23, 2016

Today, I talk about the film Chasing Amy. Written, directed, and staring Kevin Smith, the iconic film was a breakthrough in the cultural conversation of homosexuality and bisexuality. Smith does a great job of talking about big societal issues through the gaze of your average, comic book loving male nerd. 

I discuss how Smith handles the topic of homosexuality, but I focus on his portrayal of men. The way men think about topics like falling in love, unrequited love, and getting over a breakup. 

At the top of the show, I talk about political correctness and how the concept has evolved over the years. The meaning used to be fairly cut and dry: There are certain terms you should use and others that are inappropriate. However, we now talk about political correctness as anything that can be found offensive. I take some time to distinguish between what is "politically correct," what is "offensive," what is "triggering," and what is just plain "disturbing"; and how we should react to each of these comments. 


- Movie dialogue and sound clips from Chasing Amy courtesy of Miramax Films