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3.05: Wall-E PLUS The Definition of Evil

March 27, 2016

Wall-E is the Disney/Pixar classic about a trash-compacting robot who goes on an adventure to save the human race. But beyond that, it's about saving the environment, the dangers of consumerism, men, women, and following your heart. There's a whole lot of awesome to unpack. And I do exactly that in this episode of the show! 

I discuss some of the major themes in the movie; namely, our responsibility toward the conservation of our planet, and how big businesses can take over the world if left unchecked. But mainly, I discuss how masculinity and femininity is portrayed in the forms of Wall-E and Eve. 

The top of the show is a bit dark because I talk specifically about evil. The darkest of the dark! I discuss how evil should be defined and regarded, as well as how we can work to improve our criminal justice system. 

TRIGGER WARNING: I touch on the subjects of rape, murder, and other forms of depravity. If you want to dodge all that and get to the discussion of the children's movie, skip to minute 20! 


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