Romeo And…

3.02: Secretary PLUS The Relationship Trinity

February 15, 2016

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I continue my discussion of 50 Shades of Grey; however, this time using a film that does the BDSM community a little more justice. I break down the movie Secretary and share why it is not only a better quality film, but has more developed and relatable characters, a more moving storyline, and better representations of bondage, masochism, and consent. 

That said, the film does not do everything right and there are still a number of pitfalls in the story that I raise. Even so, it is a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it, regardless of your relationship to BDSM. 

At the top of the show, I detail my theory of the "Relationship Trinity," which is essentially a way for people to determine what they ultimately want in a relationship partner, as well as what they can offer to their relationships. The trinity consists of the Emotional, the Economical, and the Physical. 

The most fulfilling relationships will have some combination of all three elements that all the involved parties can agree on and be happy with. And though I further explain how these elements can be understood, the special blend of the three that you need in your life is a recipe that only you and your prospective partners can determine. 


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