Romeo And…

3.01: 50 Shades of Grey PLUS The End of Capitalism?

February 1, 2016


In the first episode of season 3, we take a look at the movie 50 Shades of Grey, and why everyone love/hated it. Who is Christian Grey? What does he represent? What makes him such a terrible person? Why does everyone love him anyway? Why should we even care? 

I argue that Anastasia, the story's leading lady, is actually the classic "Nice Guy," but in a woman's body (and Grey is her Manic Pixie Dream Billionaire). I also briefly discuss how the film falsely portrays BDSM and consent, and how romance novels like 50 Shades of Grey are not unlike pornography. 

At the top of the show, I talk a little about the 2016 US presidential race with the Iowa caucus happening today. I then discuss how the American people seem to be favoring smaller businesses and how that affects today's entrepreneurs. 


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