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2.20: My Spiritual Awakening

December 14, 2015

Sharing the story "My Spiritual Awakening" about going to college, finding religion, and finding myself. Also, about not finding love, of course. Essentially my origin story of converting to Unitarian Universalism. 

Not only is this the last story I will be sharing on the podcast before season 3, it will likely be the last long-form story I will be doing on the show. Going forward, I will most likely revert back to sharing shorter stories. Additionally, I will be focused more on sharing stories from guests and listeners like you, so be sure to send your stories in to me! 

At the top of the show, I talk about the differences between complimenting people as a man versus as a woman. Men are way more likely to be seen as potential sexual predators, so they have to be more careful about how they approach people. It sucks that men are automatically seen as potentially threatening, but women (as the primary targets of sexual violence) have to be careful about how they interact with men they don't know. 

As a guy, it's important to recognize that women have to view you as potentially threatening to protect themselves. If you are unwilling to adjust your behavior to indicate that you are non-threatening, you refuse to consider the realities of the world we live in, and you can't be upset if women are less likely to trust you. 

What is your opinion on profiling? Is profiling people always wrong? Or do we have a certain obligation to judge the people around us based on stereotypes, stories, and/or the news we read? Let me know your thoughts! 

Be sure to send me your thoughts on the story "My Spiritual Awakening" as well, so I can discuss your ideas in the next episode! 


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