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2.17: Dress How You Want to Feel - Interview with Serastar Freese

November 23, 2015

In episode 9 of the show, I discussed how I felt about men's fashion, especially at award shows. Women seem to have all the options, while men have the choice of: black suit, grey suit, or white suit. In response to this, seamstress and artist Serastar Freese got in touch with me to open my eyes a bit about men's fashion and the options that do exist in dressing up. 

A lot of men think of suits as "one suit fits all." Meaning, your one suit can be worn to any formal event, in any location, at any time of the year. And though, to a large extent, men can get away with this more so than women can, there are suits made for specific occasions and instances. There is such a thing as a summer suit versus a winter suit. And the fabric used to make your outfit can ultimately determine how comfortable you end up feeling in any given situation. 

Serastar gives some great insight and tips for how to better understand what to look for in formal attire, as well as how you should end up feeling when wearing your clothes. If it doesn't feel comfortable, it just isn't right for you. 

At the top of the show, I talk about International Men's Day, which occurred this past week on November 19th. The University of York canceled their International Men's Day event, and it stirred up a good amount of controversy, especially within the Men's Rights community. Is International Men's Day really that big of a deal? Should we really have a special day to celebrate the lives of men? Send me your thoughts! 


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