Romeo And…

2.06: Don Jon

September 6, 2015

In this episode, I review the indie film Don Jon by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film centers around topics of pornorgaphy, masculinity, femininity, and relationships. 

Trigger Warning: I also talk about the situation regarding Conrad Roy III's suicide. Roy was a teenager in Massachusetts who took his own life after his girlfriend urged him to go through with it. The details surrounding the case caused me to get a little passionate, but suicide and mental illness are very sensitive topics for me. You can find more details about the trial in the references below. 

A big topic raised in the episode is the control women have over men in our society. We often think of women as being the "weaker sex," but it is often men who derail their entire lives simply to please women. In Don Jon we see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is strung along by his romantic interest. Is it truly the mark of a "real man" to serve his woman hand over foot? 

I also discuss pornography and porn addiction. Pornography in general is an extremely taboo subject, but mainly because sex in general is seen as taboo. I think if we were to be more open about sex and how we talk about it and learn about it, we can avoid a lot of the problems we run into regarding pornography. 


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