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2.02: My Romantic Panic Attack (Story)

August 9, 2015

This week I share a story about an especially traumatic relationship I had when I was in college. From now on, story time is going to be a little different on Romeo And.... Previously, I would share a story and then follow it up with my analysis. I'll still be doing that, but now you all have more of a chance to chime in with your own feedback. 

Here's how it's going to work. I'll tell the story one week and then the following week I'll provide my analysis. This way you can share your thoughts and ideas with me here, and I'll have a chance to incorporate your input in my discussion the following week. 

So if you haven't already, listen to the story and be sure to send me all of your feedback. You can also read the text version of the story on my site ( 

Additionally this episode I talk a little about Elliot Rodger. Rodger is notorious for the Isla Vista killings in 2014 when he shot and killed 6 in a murder spree. Elliot Rodger is the worst kind of "Nice Guy." He certainly wasn't a "nice" guy in the sense that he was a good person (him being a murderer). But he was a guy who devoted himself to making women happy, yet failed to get into a relationship. This is what defines the Nice Guy lifestyle. 

Elliot Rodger's story saddens me because his breakdown and subsequent killing spree was completely avoidable. In fact, I believe that Rodger (though a bit socially awkward) could have been a decent, upstanding citizen. Unfortunately, he was convinced that men and women are and should act a certain way and this false sense of reality drove him insane. It drove him to the point that he sought revenge for being lied to. If we do better to educate our boys (and girls) as I so tirelessly advocate for us to do, we can prevent these types of mental breakdowns from happening. 

I know this in my heart because I suffered from the same kind of breakdown. Several times. However, I share my worst one in this podcast "My Romantic Panic Attack." 


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