Romeo And…

1.10: Seeing Myself in Others

June 8, 2015

In this episode, we've got stories of ballroom dance, college, super heroes, flying trapeze, and of course boobs! Another episode with two stories for the price of one! Topics include female body shaming, men playing the hero, and good old fashioned gender roles. 

In the first part of the episode, I share a story about a flying trapeze class I taught where two of the teens taking the class were pulled aside and asked to change clothes for fear their boobs might get exposed. In our culture, the fact that women's breasts are seen as offensive and inappropriate to display publicly I think is worth considering. What do we gain by forcing women to hide their breasts when men are free to do so? Are we really too immature a people to see breasts in public and not freak out? 

The featured story of the podcast is another about my time in college. In episode one, I talked about Spider-Man and how men are pressured to always be the hero. In this story, I take that understanding and apply it to my own life as I try to rescue a girl who probably doesn't need my help at all. 

Do you think it is ever a problem that men are pressured to be the saviors all of the time? Let me know your opinions in the comment section below. 

Note that the next episode of the podcast will be the season one finale of Romeo And... and the podcast will be on break for the month of July. Be sure to check back and find it again in August when we return for season two!