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1.07: The Edipus Concert - Interview with Janis Hillard

April 26, 2015

In this episode, I have a conversation with Janis Hillard of Edipus is an organization that is coordinating a concert specifically for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. What is exciting and different about this particular concert is that all of the performers will be male. 

Though it is excellent and important for women to speak out about rape and sexual abuse, we don't often hear from male voices on these issues. The Edipus Concert seeks to create a platform for men to speak out about rape and pledge their support to the victims and survivors. 

Janis Hillard is one of the founders of the Edipus organization and she sheds some light on how she came up with the idea for the concert and paints a picture of what it will look like. If you are a male performer and you are looking for a great opportunity to contribute your music toward an excellent cause, head to and let them know who you are. Similarly, if you are not a performer but still feel you can contribute to the concert in other ways, contact Janis and the Edipus concert team. 

Finally, the Edipus Concert needs your help to make the event into a big hit. Links to the organization's social media are below. Spread the word and share your support for the concert to help it reach a greater audience! 

What are your thoughts on the Edipus Concert? Do you have suggestions for other artists you would love to see featured? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. 


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