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1.04: Laura - Elementary School Romance (pt. 2)

March 15, 2015

In this episode I feature the second and final story in my Elementary School Romance saga. I also discuss the new 50 Shades of Grey movie as well as Emma Watson's Q&A on International Women's Day. 

Also, I was featured on the Vagina Chronicles Podcast! Hostesses Angela and Toni invited me to have a conversation with them about men and why most guys seem to be afraid of feminism. Find a link to the interview in the references below.

The book 50 Shades of Grey has sparked a lot of controversy lately especially with the recent release of the movie adaptation. Though I have not yet seen the movie or read the book, I address some of the controversy surrounding the book. Namely, how the film paints a negative picture of the BDSM and kink communities. Though 50 Shades can be taken the wrong way, I ultimately feel it probably does more good than harm for the BDSM community. 

Last weekend, on International Women's Day (March 8th), Emma Watson did a Q&A conversation on gender equality and the He for She campaign. If you are a guy, be sure to sign yourself up on their website if you haven't already to pledge your commitment to the fight for equal rights for the sexes. I have decided that Romeo And... will now be an (un)official affiliate of He for She since the organization is doing such great work. (Call me, Emma!) 

This week's story is about a crush I had on one of my best friends in elementary school. Unlike with Naomi, I was actually comfortable around my friend Laura, so I thought dating her would be much easier. I thought wrong! 

The full story can be found at (You must be registered on the site to view the story) 

Following the story, I discuss what I did well in attempting to start a relationship, as well as what I did poorly and what more I could have done. Even though we were just kids, we had already developed clear ideas about the importance of being in a relationship and how the different sexes are supposed to behave in relationships. 


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50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James -