Romeo And…

3.07: Wanted PLUS Policing the Bathroom

If you love shoot-'em-up movies that are secretly about depression and religion, then you've probably already seen the 2008 blockbuster Wanted. The movie reflects a lot of the stresses and stereotypes of masculinity and how a lot of men deal with them. 

I talk at length about anxiety and depression and how the pressure to "be a man" can often lead us into unfulfilling lives. And how doing so can be detrimental to our mental health. I also talk about how women are portrayed in fantasy/action films such as this one, as well as religion, and finding the motivation to improve your life. 

In the first part of the show, I discuss the bill that recently passed in North Carolina that bans transgender people from the bathrooms they feel most comfortable using, and how a number of big-name companies and celebrities have responded to the legislation. 

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3.06: The Princess Bride PLUS Virtual Reality Sex!

My analysis of the classic film, The Princess Bride. After completing the novel by William Goldman, I decided that I had to halt any further movie reviews and talk about this one. I know how influential it was for me, and I know how influential it is for a lot of people in my generation. 

Specifically, I talk about how the film and the novel portray gender. The titular Princess herself is very different from many other princesses we are used to seeing in movies and stories. She is not "dainty" and "fragile." She is opinionated and confident. She is determined and strong. Nevertheless, there are still times when her portrayal, especially in the film, reflect the traditional depictions of princesses we are used to seeing from other works in the "damsel in distress" genre. 

At the top of the show, I talk about the development of a bodysuit that would work with virtual reality technology to allow the user to experience sex. The suit is designed specifically for male-identified persons, and the scenes they experience are with women. Why do straight men seem to get all the cool, virtual reality sex toys? I offer my thoughts on the issue. 

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